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Methodology For Utility Installations


Methods of installation of Underground Utility Services is dependent on the project being undertaken, in all cases before the project could commence, existing drawings of any existing services in the area (if any) would be made available and examined. A Cat Scan would then be taken to identify that it is safe to carry out works.


Impact Moleing Scan the area and determine as and where the safest place to dig your Launch and Receiving Pit.

Set the Mole in operation in the pre-determined line from Pit to Pit.


Trenchless Technology Techniques are utilised whenever practical by using either Directional Drilling Rigs

or Impact Moleing.


Conventional Open Cut Trenching is undertaken either by the use of a high speed chain type Trenching machine,

Conventional Excavator or by Hand Dig.


In certain circumstances existing water pipes may be (slip lined) by inserting a new smaller diameter pipe inside the

existing pipe, thus ensuring the least amount of reinstatement necessary.