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What We Do

At GBJ Environmental Systems (UK) Limited, we can expertly complete a vast array of services in the public or private sector. On every project we are contracted to, we will expertly manage processes so that every development is always completed within allocated budgets and timeframes. We have been able to develop our company by always being reliable, trustworthy and transparent.

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Civil Engineer in North West England



Civil Engineering & Construction Services





Drainage Works

Including unblocking drains, land drainage and sewer diversions. We can provide these services for domestic clients, commercial clients and on behalf of housing associations and local councils.

For Celtic Technologies Ltd

We installed a sewer diversion to allow development of the new indoor market at Warrington Town Centre which included laying 375mm diameter concrete pipe at a depth of 4 meters and constructing several manholes to connect to the existing sewers and drains.

For Sovereign Projects Limited

We installed a new underground drainage system for new build housing at a site in Warrington which included laying drains and constructing inspection chambers.



Civil Engineer in North West England




Plumbing and Heating Services

For Southway Housing Trust, Mears Group PLC, Salix Homes and HLGB

We investigate and repair internal leaks and leaks on internal services such as baths, sinks and toilets. 


We carry out Annual Gas Safety checks on gas appliances installed in rental properties.

For Corgi, Salford City Council and HLGB

We attend call outs to carry out repairs and maintenance to boilers and central heating systems.

Civil Engineer in North West England


Underground Water Mains, Services, Leaks & Repairs

For Southway Housing Trust, Mears Group PLC and private residential customers

We replace lead water service pipes with MDPE pipes from the boundary to the internal stop tap of the property.

For Southway Housing Trust, Mears Group PLC and Salix Homes

We investigate and repair underground / above ground leaks reported by United Utilities and tenants.





Flagging, Paving & Fencing

For Hyndburn Homes / Onward Homes Ltd

We recently carried out a project to renew / renovate the communal areas on a residential estate in Accrington which included relaying unevens flags, replacing broken flags, removing raised planters, installing new turfed areas, installing new plastic and wooden bin stores and installing metals railings. 

For Salix Homes and The Guinness Partnership

We carry out repairs to existing fences and gates as well as installing new ones to numerous residential properties. We renew / renovate driveways, paths and patios using flags, concrete and tarmac.

For Watson Homes

We install new driveways, paths and bin stores to new various new build sites across the Greater Manchester area. These may be standard flags, block paving, tarmac or concrete. We also install new boundary fences and gates to individual properties and the estate perimeter.




Civil Engineering Services For Local Authorities, Councils, Commercial And Domestic Clients


Civil Engineer in North West England

Disabled Bathrooms &
Wet Rooms

Boiler Installations &

General Building Work



Plumbing Services

Gas Service Installations 

Thrust Boring 


Methodology for Utility Installations

The method of installation for underground utility services is dependent on the project being undertaken. Before any work commences, drawings of all existing services in the area need to be examined. A CAT survey would then be completed to ensure that it is safe to instigate any construction work.

 Civil Engineer in North West England





Impact Moling

We would scan the area and determine the safest place to dig the launch and receiving pit. Next, we would set the mole in operation in a pre-determined line from pit to pit.




Trenchless Technology Techniques

This is utilised whenever practical by using directional drilling rigs or impact moling, avoiding having to dig a long trench - this is a lot less disruptive to the surrounding roadways and businesses. We also use trenchless technology to lay piping and cables.



Conventional Open Cut Trenching

This is completed through the use of a high-speed chain type trenching machine, a conventional excavator or by hand dig.

In certain circumstances, existing water pipes may be slip lined, by inserting a new smaller diameter pipe inside the existing pipe - this ensures the least amount of reinstatement necessary.



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